Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jacob's Train Quilt

Back in December our son and daughter-in-law told us to expect a new grandson in early May. I immediately found this Fons and Porter quilt pattern and ordered the kit. In January, I received an email message saying the kit was back-ordered. In February, March, and April, I received the same message. I was getting frustrated with waiting, but I really wanted those fabrics for this quilt. Well, on the night that my daughter-in-law went into the hospital to deliver Jacob, I received the email message saying that the kit had been sent. While I would have liked to have finished the quilt before Jacob's birth, I did finish it in time for his baptism. Tracy thought it was worth waiting for, since it came out so beautiful.

I really am pleased with the final result. I have enough leftover fabric to almost make another one. I think all I'll need to get is fabric for the background panels. Maybe I'll make another one and donate it to our church dinner auction.

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Thanks for the comment---it appears you've returned to blog land after some scattered posts in Jan-March! Welcome back!

First------YEAH YOU and PAT ON BACK for your dedication to return to running! 34 minutes for a 5K isn't anything to sneeze at :0) Good luck on your sub-30 minute goal for September!

The baby quilt is adorable; lovely BRIGHT fabrics!

Using scrap shirts is a great idea for the Love of Quilting pattern! I dived in head-first and am working on the blocks already! ENJOY!