Monday, September 14, 2009

Thrift Shop Shirts

It has been quite some time since I've posted anything on my quilting blog. That is because Steve and I have been on a 6 week trip to Oregon. While we were traveling, I didn't have my sewing machine; therefore, I didn't get any quilting done. However, I did visit thrift shops while in the Portland area. Goodwill had such high prices I didn't buy any shirts, but I did find several large pieces of fabric for 99 cents each. I quickly bought those.
I hit the jackpot at Value Village where everything with a purple tag was on sale for 99 cents that day. I found 9 very nice cotton shirts. The best thing about shopping in Oregon is there is no sales tax. So, my 9 shirts cost me $8.91. The total full price would have been $57, so I feel very good about having gotten a real bargain.
I didn't just shop thrift stores while in Portland. I also shopped at 2 wonderful fabric stores. Both of them are huge! The Mill End Store in Beaverton was great. I was able to match several fat quarters for a table topper that I intend to make. I found some great black print background fabric, too. The other fabric store was Fabric Depot in NE Portland. That is the biggest fabric store I've ever seen! It is several acres of fabric and notions. They were having a big clearance sale outside while I was there, and, of course, I found some great bargains on backing fabric. I love to find quality fabric at low prices when I'm looking for backings. Don't you?

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