Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hot Pad Class at Coastal Haven

Our sewing guild, the Coastal Haven Sew 'N Sews, met on Tuesday for a class.  Mary Lawrence from Magnolia Springs came and taught us to make beautiful hot pads.  There were 13 ladies who took part in the class, and, of course, Linda Saunders cooked us a fabulous lunch.
 Mary has the patience of Job.  She worked slowly through the instructions to get everyone started, and then she wandered throughout the room and gave each of the ladies some personal attention and encouragement.
 It's easy to see from the expressions on our faces that we were taking this project very seriously. We worked very hard to make sure that our final product would be one that we could show with pride.

Here is Bonnie...

and Alece....

and me carefully working.

 By lunch time our projects were beginning to take shape.

We never have a Sew 'N Sews workshop without having a fabulous lunch.  Actually, the Sew 'N Sews never do anything together without having a fabulous lunch. Linda outdid herself this time.  She fixed Italian beef, 2 kinds of soup, and 2 kinds of brownies for our lunch. I threw together some Chinese slaw to go along with her Italian beef.  Needless to say, we did not go away hungry. Here is our cook after she finished the clean up of the kitchen.

 Here are some of the finished hot pads.  Aren't they all beautiful.  There is such a variety of beautiful fabrics that make the hot pads unique.

 These three hot pads are made from the same fabrics, but look how different they all look because they all use a different order to the fabrics.

Joan, Linda, Sandy, and Marilyn are proudly showing their finished projects. Wait a minute!  Linda, that is not a finished hot pad; that's a corner square that you stole borrowed from Joan.  Now give it back so she can finish.
Somehow Rosanne eluded my camera.  I know she was there, but I don't have a single picture of her. Hmmmm .....  How did she manage that???


Deb Welge said...

Wow!! They all look gorgeous! So glad everyone was far south of the AL storms too. Yell everyone HI!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!!! I wish i could hve been there...dunno know I would have helped the cook and made a hot pad at the same time but i would have given it my best shot!!!!