Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chenille Hot Pads

This week Mary Lawrence came to teach us how to make Chenille Hot Pads from flannel.  This was the easiest project that we have had, and it was LOTS O' FUN as you can see in the photos.
Here Mary is showing us the fabric combinations that we can choose.

Tutorial for Chenille Hot Pad
Use 2 contrasting colors of flannel fabric.
Cut 2 large squares 9 1/2" of the focus fabric.
Cut 1 smaller square 9" of the focus fabric.
Cut 2 smaller squares 9" of the contrasting fabric.
Cut 1 square 8 1/2" of batting.
Cut 1 strip 3" x width of fabric

Make a quilt sandwich of the 9 1/2" focus fabric squares and the square of batting.

Lay the 2 contrasting 9" squares on top of the quilt sandwich. Lay them both right sides up. Then place the remaining focus fabric 9" square on top of them. Again laying the square right side up.  Pin all 6 of these layers together.
Now sew diagonally from corner to corner. (Use a stitch length of about 3). Then sew parallel lines about 3/8" to 1/2" apart on each side of the original diagonal line.

Sew until you have 6 channels on each diagonal as shown below.
Then carefully cut up the center of each channel. You will be cutting through the top 3 layers only! Stop about 1/4" from the stitching lines that crisscross in the center of the hot pad.

All that is left to do is to trim the sides and square up the pad. Attach the binding using a 1/2" seam allowance. The binding can be sewn down on the back side by hand or by machine.

Here we are finishing our chenille pads and lending a helping hand. It's so much fun sewing with the ladies at Coastal Haven.  They are all so helpful and willing.

Yes!  Rosanne did not escape my camera today!

You can brush the cut sections to "fluff" them or simply toss the finished hot pad in the washer to "fluff" them.

Aren't we proud of our work? Just look at those big smiles.

Even left-handers can do this project ;-)

Of course, our cook was on hand to feed us a nourishing lunch. (I think Sandy offered a helping hand.)  This time it was sloppy joes and 2 kinds of soup! The chicken soup was soooo full of chicken and vegetables, there wasn't any room for noodles. For dessert there were 2 kinds of brownies. Thank you, Linda, once again for a great meal.

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Anonymous said...

You girls are having too much fun. Keep up the beautiful work and the sharing. I like to see what you do.