Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mom's Mariner's Compass Quilt

One day a few months ago, my mom was talking with my sister on the phone, and Mom said that she'd like to have a quilt made for her bed.  Mary immediately said, "Sure, I can do that."  Then later I mentioned that we could make one together - sort of a round robin between the two of us.
Last week Mary came down for a visit and brought her finished center for me to add on to.  It's a very beautiful Mariner's Compass surrounded by flying geese in a circle with appliqued vines around that. She finished this center with a plain border of 4 different shades of pinks and purples.

I've decided to add a border of 4" Ohio Stars around her center.  Each star will be a different combination of purples and pinks with light green centers.  In order to accommodate this star border, I need to add a very thin 3/4" border around the existing center panel.  I auditioned several different greens and have decided on using this shade of green as shown in the last picture.  Unfortunately, I don't think there is enough of this fabric to make the complete border.  I guess that means I'll have to visit a fabric shop while I'm in Northern Illinois next week visiting my son and his family ;-)


mkhquilts said...

I love the Mariner's compass pattern and this one is especially beautiful! The star border will be a great addition.

quiltingnana said...

so wonderful to have a partner on your mom's quilt