Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kindle case

I've been wanting to get a Kindle for a very long time, but the cost prevented me from doing so.  Last month when the price went down to $139, my husband bought me one for my birthday.  I had to wait nearly a month to get it because Amazon was inundated with orders and the Kindle was on back order. It finally arrived last week.

I am really enjoying it.  I downloaded World Without End by Ken Follett which is a 1000 page book.  Reading it on the Kindle is much better than holding the heavy tome in normal book format.  I spent an hour or so and made a quilted case from 2 fat eighths to protect it.


Cheri said...

Lovely gift. I want one too. Nice case. Did you design it? Do you need to do us a tutorial? LOL

Candace said...

I recommend another blog for reference to lots of free books of all kinds:
I have the same kindle that you do, I was lucky enough to order mine just before they went to waiting list, and I have probably 300 books, all free except for one, a Zane Grey book that has about 25 books included for about five dollars. I love my kindle and the blog I recommended. I made a spreadsheet and folders on my kindle to keep track of things. Many of the free books I have if you go back later they will be on sale from anywhere from 2.00 to 15.00 or 20.00. I'll email you my spreadsheet if you like. Hope you enjoy your new kindle.

WhiteStone said...

I found your blog after seeing you as a winner on Bonnie Hunter's giveaway! Congrats!

I see that you are a shirt quilter, too. I've just completed a double 4-patch, quilting it on my old Singer 201.

I love those shirts. lol